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Rethinking Make in India  (Avg.Rating:/5)
13/01/2017 by, Aniruddha Srinath, Manish Kulkarni, Vijay Jaiswal

The Indian Manufacturing Sector is perhaps at a stage in its long history where it is being observed the keenest. The Make in India Campaign has been studied and understood, key institutional reforms like GST and infrastructure projects are underway and the Government of India is on the path to improve the ease of doing business while providing sta..

Impact of Rural Internet  (Avg.Rating:/5)
16/11/2018 by, Rekha Jain

Internet has greatly influenced the way individuals socialize, create and exploit economic opportunities and knowledge resources. However, it is not clear what aspects of socialization, economic benefits and knowledge contribute to the perceived impact of Internet on individuals. Given the rural context in developing countries, we wanted to find ou..

Innovation, the Indian Way  (Avg.Rating:/5)
30/09/2016 by, Richard Robert

In the global geography of innovation, India is straddling two continents. Its engineers have contributed to the success of the Silicon Valley: the father of the USB socket, the inventor of the Intel Pentium chip, the general manager of Microsoft are Indian, as is part of the senior management at Google. The success of this Diaspora reflects the ta..

30/06/2016 by, Mahesh Patel , Rakesh Maheshwari , Jawed Pathan , Mohammed nazim Shaikh , Tushar Garg , Dipakbhai Vyas , Vijaybhai Solanki , Sanid Dilip Patil

Lighting an oil lamp with cotton wicks is a daily ritual in millions of homes in India. The traditional process of cotton wick making is manual and laborious. Two innovators developed a machine to reduce the drudgery in making round cotton wicks. This article describes the in-situ incubation of the two innovators, Vijaybhai Solanki and Deepakbhai..

20/05/2016 by, Editor In Chief

Not all useful technical ideas necessarily deal with expensive equipment, nor do they originate from people with technical qualification. A twelve year old girl proposed a modification to the standard walker, so that the modified walker can be used easily while climbing or descending stairs. The innovator was helped by National Innovation Foundatio..

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