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15/02/2017 by, Satya Singh, Swati Parihar, Dushyant Yadav, Hardev Choudhary, Surjeet Singh, Noushad Parvez

Cultivation of paddy is the most challenging task for farmers of coastal wetland and in-land saline areas. Salinity hampers the production of crops cultivated in such areas due to its poor soil properties and salt toxicity. The only solution for the farmers of saline area is to grow salt tolerant varieties. The salt tolerant attributes in paddy can..

20/05/2016 by, Satish Deodhar

For quite sometime now, genetically modified (GM) food has been a subject of heated debates all around the world. In India, media has reported tension among farmers, domestic seed companies, and large multinational seed firms on this issue. One also hears controversies about approval or otherwise of field trials for new GM crops. While such suppl..

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