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Technology Based Teacher Training

The traditional training for teachers in the public school system of India involves transfer of knowledge from experts to the trainees. This model limits the number of teachers that can be trained, an..

A New Paddy Variety for Saline Lands

Cultivation of paddy is the most challenging task for farmers of coastal wetland and in-land saline areas. Salinity hampers the production of crops cultivated in such areas due to its poor soil proper..

Indian Call Centre Industry: Goldmine of Opportunities or Hotbed of Exploitation?

Indian call centre industry suffers from contradictions. The agents enjoy good remuneration, and posh office facilities, while their work load is very demanding. The agents of non-technical call centr..

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Innovations in Indian Healthcare Sector

India’s performance on health care is poor, the major problems being inadequacy and inaccessibility of medical facilities, and unaffordability of treatment. This article discusses four examples in w..

Rethinking Make in India

The Indian Manufacturing Sector is perhaps at a stage in its long history where it is being observed the keenest. The Make in India Campaign has been studied and understood, key institutional reforms ..

Impact of Rural Internet

Internet has greatly influenced the way individuals socialize, create and exploit economic opportunities and knowledge resources. However, it is not clear what aspects of socialization, economic benef..